A brief interaction with a homeless man in New Orleans changed my perspective on life. After our conversation I bid him good day, in which he quickly replied “I ain’t ever had a bad day baby”. His optimism has lingered in my mind for years. The conviction in his voice was enough to convince me that throughout life’s ups and downs— he had never in fact had a bad day.

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Good Day Flor is an elevated cannabis experience, created by a woman for women who want to experience top shelf weed. Carefully curated branding, quality assured flower, and a femme led community are the building blocks that make Good Day Flor so damn good.

Our mission is to help eradicate the stigmas, biases, and ceilings currently in place in the cannabis industry. 

Our flower is cultivated, grown, and owned by black people. Our flower is grown pesticide free, in a 20,000 square foot facility in Northern California. All of our flower is tested and COA confirmed. It’s always a good day for social equity & quality testing in the cannabis space.

We believe that each of us has the power to create our own good days, and we would love to be part of yours.

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